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Yes, it is advisable not to enter the disinfected area for 1 hour. For houses, the service provider will leave a room for your use, which will be sanitized after the rest of the house is ready for use.
About disinfection
Top disinfection service in Hyderabad for offices, homes and commercial spaces
Sanitation services are different from regular cleaning services which are used to get clean space . The goal of sanitation is not just to thoroughly clean a home or office at a topical level, but to disinfect and sanitize it to ensure it is free from deadly viruses. The sanitation process includes large-scale fumigation or fogging of the entire space using hospital grade certified disinfectants. Services are performed by trained professionals who practice adequate security measures.

Why You Need a Professional Sanitation Service Company for Home and Office Sanitation
The benefits of hiring a professional sanitation service to disinfect your space include:

Freedom to spread the virus inside the interior of the office: The sanitation services use hospital grade chemicals to sanitize any given space, which guarantees the expected results. These chemicals not only kill pathogenic viruses, but also kill other harmful germs and bacteria.

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